Psychic Heat is a rock band from middle of the map Kansas created by Evan Herd & Tanner Spreer that revels in the mysteries of fuzz-scapes. With influences both new & old they maintain a sonic balance that is accented by a highly energetic live performance. After releasing their EP Lighter and Brighter in 2015 they quickly turned their attention to their first full length Sunshower being released through High Dive Records. It’s a gritty yet coherent blend of psych-pop and garage-punk. Sunshower is Engineered by Ron Miller (Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds) & mixed/mastered by Kliph Scurlock (previously of the Flaming Lips). They are on tour in 2016 and plan to spread their love for loud and noisy rock-and-roll.

“With eloquent definition amidst the ranges of grit and fuzz, they captivate with execution and encase with mass and volume.” – Brian Kupillas of SWIMMING and Whatever Forever Tapes

“Blending riffs and moving from point A to point B with determination, Psychic Heat’s music increases its tension as it unfurls. The Lawrence quartet manages to mix pop and hot psych without short-changing either genre.” – Brian Clifton of Mills Record Company

Psychic Heat likes to color outside of the lines. While their songs may seem chaotic, their vocals are impeccably discharged into the air carrying a force that hangs on every audience member.” – I Heart Local Music

Psychic Heat: Steve/Evan Herd (guitar, vocals), Tanner Spreer (guitar, vocals), James Thomblison (bass), and Mark Rockwell (drums).