Fourth Of July is a band of brothers who make lyrical, raucous Folk Rock about the minefields of love, flyover country existentialism and the boozy social life of their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.   Winner of 2oo7 and 2010 ‘Best of Kansas City: Best Album’ awards from the KC Pitch, Fourth Of July has toured the Midwest and East Coasts, played CMJ and was reviewed by Pitchfork.

Their first two records — 2007’s “On The Plains” and 2010’s “Before Our Hearts Explode!” were released on Range Life Records.  Their third LP, “Empty Moon” is available on Vinyl, CD and Digitally from High Dive.

Fourth Of July’s Brendan Hangauer is also the man behind the band Empty Moon, whose debut “The Shark” was released in 2014 on High Dive.

Fourth Of July: Brendan Hangauer (vocals, guitar) Patrick Hangauer (bass) Brian Costello (drums, vocals) Brendan Costello (guitar)